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Underfloor heating installation

Underfloor heating offers an unparalleled experience, a wonderful sense of overall warmth and the tactile sensation of heat underfoot. Underfloor heating also enhances design elegance, decluttering walls from unsightly radiators.

Underfloor heating installation is one of the more complex projects we carry out here at Shoosmith, but our experienced team of expert heating engineers are best placed to ensure your system is efficient, reliable and provides the level of comfort you expect.

While some companies aren’t able to offer every aspect of your underfloor heating installation, we can handle the project from start to finish, from planning and design, through to installation and after-care.

Our team of expert engineers have installed underfloor heating in a wide range of homes, including large properties. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, happy to answer any questions you might have about how your system will work and what you can expect once it’s up-and-running.

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Underfloor heating maintenance & repair

If your underfloor heating system isn’t performing as well as it used to, either because it’s not working in certain areas or struggling to get up to temperature, it’s probably because it requires some TLC.

Underfloor heating maintenance is essential if you want to continue enjoying the luxury and comfort you’re used to, but unfortunately the majority of plumbers don’t have the knowledge or expertise required to work on these systems.

However, here at Shoosmith, we’re underfloor heating experts.

Underfloor heating experts with years of experience

If your underfloor heating has an issue that requires a repair, or you’d just like to schedule an annual health check, you can rely on our expert team of heating engineers to deliver the highest standards of service.

There’s not an underfloor heating issue we haven’t dealt with, but we find that most of the time it’s something that can be dealt with easily, such as wiring problems, air-locked pipes or worn out parts. What’s more, the vast majority of problems are above ground, meaning there’s no need to carry out disruptive underfloor repairs.

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